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Raspberry Ketone Max Review – My Journey!

*Updated January 2018

Hi, I’m Jennyn.

Thanks for stopping in!

Before I start with my review and opinion on this product. Check out this superb video from Lori who gives her take on Raspberry Ketone Max and how it has helped with her dieting plan. I did try to put a video together myself, but this one is so much better.

I believe there are no magic pills when it comes to losing weight.  Yes, some supplements can aid weight loss, but you have to choose carefully.  Get your mind, body & soul in a good place before you start your diet.

** Quick Disclaimer: It is always recommended that you consult your doctor before commencing with any dieting, weight-loss or exercise plans.

What are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketone is the natural phenolic compound found in red raspberries (Rubus idaeus). In very simple terms, this chemical compound gives berries their unique signature scent. Until recent times, raspberry ketones were used primarily by the perfume and manufactured food industries, but now the compound is being sold in supplement form.

Some research in animals or in test tubes shows that raspberry ketone might increase some measures of metabolism. It might also affect a hormone in the body called adiponectin.

Adiponectin can increase the rate at which the body burns fat and reduce appetite. **However, it is important to keep in mind that there is no reliable scientific evidence that raspberry ketone improves weight loss when taken by people.

People take raspberry ketone by mouth in pill form for weight-loss.  You may remember It became popular for after it was mentioned on the Dr. Oz television show during the segment called “Raspberry ketone: Miracle fat-burner in a bottle” in February 2012.

Raspberry ketones have been touted as the next weight-loss miracle drug, with manufacturers claiming that the ketones help your body break down fat more efficiently, helping you to lose more weight. But is it true?

Before you run to your local pharmacy to pick up a bottle or two, at least finish reading my blog post. What I’m about to share with you might surprise (or downright shock) you!

Other Names for RK:

4-(4-Hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one, Cetona de Frambuesa, Cétone de Framboise, Raspberry Ketones, Red Raspberry Ketone, RK.

Key ingredients of Raspberry Ketone Max:

Raspberry Ketone Max provides 300mg of pure raspberry ketone extract and is made in the US with premium grade ingredients. The supplement also contains green tea, L-Theanine, Chromium as well as 400mg of caffeine.

The Benefits of Raspberry Ketone Max:

  • Improves Metabolism
  • Promotes Normal Blood Sugar Levels
  • Helps regulate cholesterol and fat
  • Food craving reduction
  • Helps prevent hypertension

My 12 Kick Starter Tips to Weight Loss:

  1. Do NOT miss breakfast: Missing breakfast will not help you lose weight. There is a good chance that you will snack more during the day and feel super hungry and miss out on vital nutrients that your body needs. Pick a healthier option that is protein packed.
  2. Create a meal plan:  organise your weekly meals in advance. Plan what you are going to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. Try and stick to your daily calorie allowance. Put together a shopping list so you know exactly what to buy before you get to the store. Thus helps you stop buying junk foods on impulse. Be strong and stick to the list.
  3. Cut down on the booze: Did you know that a standard size glass of wine has the same amount of calories as a piece of chocolate. Long term consumption of alcohol will contribute to weight gain! FACT. Try and reduce the amount of occasions that you drink or swap your regular tipple for a low calorie options.
  4. Get rid of the junk food cupboard: We all have that secret cupboard where the snacking junk food lives right! Stop stocking up on junk food. To reduce temptation, remove all bad stuff and swap the biscuits, cakes, chocolate, fizzy drinks & sodas for healthy alternatives like oat cakes, fruit, unsalted rice cakes, unsweetened & unsalted popcorn and fruit juices.
  5. Do NOT ban foods: Banning foods from your diet will only make you crave them more. Specially the foods you really love and enjoy.  You can still treat or reward yourself on occasions as long as you stick to your daily calorie limits.  This will help boost motivation and spur you on.
  6. Use smaller plates at meal times: Sounds too simple? Using smaller plates & bowls makes you have smaller portions. Over time this will gradually help you reduce portion size. This combined with eating slower will have a big impact. It takes around 20 mins for the stomach to tell your brain that its full, stop eating before you feel full up. Retrain your brain in to eating less.
  7. Study food labels carefully: With the introduction of modern food labelling & manufacturer guidance. It so much easier to read and understand what is in the food we buy and eat. Use the calorie information to make healthier choices and see where foods fit into your diet plan and daily allowances.
  8. Eat plenty of high fibre providers: Foods packed with fibre such as;  vegetables, fruit, brown pasta & rice, oats, beans, lentils, peas & wholegrain breads will make you feel fuller longer which is brilliant for weight loss and help fend off the hunger that occurs with dieting.
  9. Drinks lots of H20: Water is one of the secret weapons in losing weight. It has tons of obvious heath benefits and sometimes you can confuse thirst with hunger. You might just need a pint of water instead of consuming unnecessary calories.
  10. Do more exercise daily: This is absolutely key to you losing weight successfully and keeping it off long term. It also has stacks of other health benefits such as fighting depression. It can massively reduce your risk of major illnesses, like heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50% and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%. Exercise can help burn off excess calories that your diet cant cut. Find an activity you enjoy and do it as much as possible. Even a 10 minute walk every day with make a difference.
  11. 5 a day will keep the belly at bay: Fruit & vegetables are low in fat and calories, and high in good old fibre – 3 essential ingredients for successful weight loss program. They also contain loads of important vitamins and minerals. The guidance is to try and eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.
  12. Make sure you eat regular meals: Eating at regular intervals is proven to help burn calories at a faster rate. It will also help you reduce the cravings to snack on foods high in sugar & fats. Try and change your old routines. Quit the fast food.salad

Right then, lets get back to the review:

Serious Results: My Personal Raspberry Ketone Max Experience!

Four months ago, I asked myself a series of “life” questions, and came to the conclusion that my lifestyle had gotten the better of me up until that point in time. At 40 years old, I was 55 pounds overweight, had “pre-diabetes” (a fancy term that basically means if you don’t clean your act up, you’ll be full-on diabetic in no time), constant joint and back pain – really a whole lot of pain all over.

Heck, my hair even hurt!

I was overweight and tired, very tired!

The pre-diabetes is what really tuned me in to the reality that I had serious issues developing in my body because of the extra weight I was carrying. To make matters worse, real exercise was, and still is, hard to come by with the current demands placed on me. I rarely leave the comforts of home, but for shopping trips and driving the kids to and trough as needed.

And that’s just the way it needs to be when you have three kids that need you at their beck and call 24/7, right?

I didn’t hate myself, or have a poor body image like many of you might have. Still, I knew the extra weight had to go in order to look good, get more energy, and eliminate my high fasting blood sugar numbers (over 180 mg/dl.)

Although I love food, I’ve always been careful about portion sizes and about putting nutritious food on my table. Especially after my husband (who’s 5 years older than me) had bypass surgery after a heart attack last year.

I knew I wasn’t exercising enough, but I also knew that my poor metabolism was to blame as well – I started gaining weight during my first pregnancy, and could never seem to lose it after that. Even though I was a trim-and-taut figure skater from preschool on up through college.

Then I found out about a natural way to lose weight while watching Doctor Oz on television. I really like his no-nonsense style and everything he said about it made sense. Can the compound that makes a raspberry smell good actually make you lose weight?

Enter The Brilliant Raspberry Ketones Max:

The good Doctor was detailing some of the elements of his two-week rapid weight-loss plan, encouraging all who were watching his show at the time to lose 9 pounds in 14 days flat! He claimed diet, moderate exercise, and raspberry ketones could cause anyone to achieve this lofty goal.real raspberry ketone max reviews

That sounded great to me. I wanted to learn more about these raspberry ketones and whether they were really worth the investment.

It wasn’t about the money; they don’t cost anything more than a bottle of multivitamins.

I wanted to know if they offered any real benefits, and if they were safe to take.

What I learned:

  • Raspberry ketones are the compound that makes the berries smell good. Called “phenolic acid”.
  • High levels of phenolic acid are proven to increase “adiponectin” production (the protein our bodies create to vaporize fat cells.)
  • Energy levels can return to youthful levels in as little as a few days, due mostly to positive effects of the ketones on our metabolism.
  • Used in the right amounts, raspberry ketones prevent blood triglyceride levels from rising sharply after meals (this stops the high blood pressure associated with high fat and cholesterol levels in the blood, but also has a predominant effect on blood sugar levels too!) 
  • For effective weight loss, we need somewhere in the range of at least 100mg of the ketones every day. 
  • Exercise is a necessary element to losing weight with raspberry ketones.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Could I find the time to exercise too?

I decided I would make the time. Most studies indicate as little as 20 minutes a day, 4 days per week can rejuvenate your metabolism and get you losing weight. Doctor Oz detailed on his show that adding at least 100mg of phenolic acid would double the fat-zapping effects for those of us who wanted to give the two-week rapid weight-loss program a shot.

But then there was the dilemma of finding supplement that had (at least) the 100mg of the active ingredient required to have the desired effect on my metabolism.

Raspberry Ketone Max Gets impressive Results FAST!

I found out that Raspberry Ketone Max is considered the “crème de la crème” of current natural weight loss aids. It comes with a whopping triple-dose of the daily required intake of ketones – 300mg per serving in fact.

This product comes with a lot of celebrity endorsements attached to it. But if you’ve been duped by these kinds of products in the past (like I have), you’re likely skeptical just like I was.

I kept digging and found that it’s not only been mentioned by Dr. Oz a few times, Raspberry Ketones Max has been featured on the likes of CNN, ABC, NBC & MSN. CNN, ABC, NBC and MSN. There website also contains a ton of testimonials from regular folks.

I bought a couple of months worth and dug my heels in for yet another weight loss journey…

My results:

I lost 11 pounds in the first two weeks!

Some of you reading my little blog here might be thinking that it was all water weight.

When I measured my waist at that time it was 2 inches less than it was at the start. That’s not water weight.

Nor was it water weight when I was 50 pounds lighter after 3 ½ months on a combined program of diet mild daily exercise, and raspberry ketones.

My doctor and I were amazed to see the results of my current labs too. My fasting glucose levels were 99 mg/dl or lower after achieving a normal weight for my body-type of 125 pounds. This also had a consequentially positive effect on my triglyceride and cholesterol levels (both are usually elevated with poor blood sugar control in the body.)

Even now, months after my weight loss goals were achieved, I’ve been able to maintain normal sugar levels in my blood.

Good for guys too!

My husband started in with me after a month on this program. He’d lost 20 pounds since his bypass surgery, but his progress had stalled and he still had another 30 pounds to go before hitting his goal weight (determined by his heart specialist) of 190.

Hubby got lots of exercise every day working in construction, coaching our girl’s soccer team, and walking the dog in the evenings. So “exercise” wasn’t the issue.

He also ate right, just as I had long before I ever lost a pound. So “excess calories” weren’t the problem either.

So, he decided that the raspberry ketones max I was taking might be worth a try.

He wasn’t disappointed…

The weight started melting off him super quick; within days in fact. After 2 months using the ketones in combination with the things he was already doing before (proper diet and loads of exercise), he was 191 pounds.

Our friends, family and neighbours hardly recognized us anymore!

You can be like us too!

How to use Raspberry Ketones Max in combination with the following program to get results like my husband (Gord) did:


6 More Tips To Get You Started on Your Dieting Journey – You Can Do This!

1. If you’re eating lots of carbohydrates – stop right now: Carbs are bad. Pretty much all of them too. The only good carbs are those found in non-starchy, fiber-rich veggies (spinach, kale, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.) Even fruits are bad in large quantities. Check the glycemic load on everything you eat – aim for a GI of less than 50 in everything you eat (this will help you keep the weight off indefinitely after you lose it.)

2. Drink lots of water: Diet changes, extra exercise, and the ketones will make your body into a fat-burning furnace. Seriously! Your body needs lots of H20 in order to flush all the toxic by-products formed during weight loss. Failure to drink enough water can stall progress and even make you feel ill.

3. Start your day with some light exercise (walk, weight training, callisthenics, etc.): This’ll get your mind working and help to further rev your metabolic rate up for the day.

4. Do some more light exercise no more than 2 hours before bed: Exercise leading up to bedtime can “wake you up”, so do it no sooner than 2 hours before you put your head on the pillow. This last bit of exercise will help the ketones do their job, and keep you in a fat burning state while you’re sleeping.

5. Sleep at least 7 hours every night: While I know this can seem impossible, your body burns up its fat stores mostly during sleep. People who have weight problems, who don’t sleep, are proven to have more trouble losing weight (especially those last few inches off the waist!)

6. Don’t give up: This is the biggest reason people never achieve their weight loss goals folks! You have to stay the course, regardless of life and all its little interruptions. Keep on your diet, do just a little exercise every day, and keep taking your ketones (preferably Raspberry Ketone Max and their triple-effect, 300mg formula.

Our quick conclusion:

I give this product a big thumbs up and buyer rating of 8/10.

Go ahead and buy a month or two’s supply of ketones and commit to losing weight starting right now:

By the way: You do have something to lose when you try this stuff…

And it’s not money or time!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my story and joining me on my weight loss journey.

Good luck.:-)

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Astonishing Benefits Of Raspberry Ketones Diet Pill

More and more people today are turning to raspberry ketone as a way to help them to lose that extra weight that they have been trying to shed for years. No sooner than Dr. Oz mentioned the product, countless people have been scouring for more information on how this new product can help them to shed unwanted pounds.

While many people have touted the effects of raspberry ketones as being nothing but media hype, others have found that they can actually help someone to lose weight. As with any weight loss product over the years, there will always be those who will insist that the raspberry ketones are nothing more than a fad.

Benefits Of Raspberry KetonesIn order to lose weight, one needs plenty of exercise. At the same time, one must also have a metabolism that is capable of burning off those extra calories. Let’s face it, not everyone has a super-fast metabolism that can burn through almost anything you can consume. The key to speeding up the metabolism is a chemical known as norepinephrine.

The chemical hormone known as norepinephrine plays a crucial role in the body’s ability to digest various foods faster and more efficiently. Those who seem to be able to eat just about anything without ever gaining an ounce seem to have larger quantities of this hormone min their bodies; it is produced naturally.

However, not everyone has a lot of the norepinephrine in their body. The consumption of raspberry ketones max has been found to increase the production of this very important hormone. For those who just cannot seem to get rid of that extra weight, having extra norepinephrine in their body is crucial to shedding the pounds.

Will Raspberry Ketones Benefit Me?

Since the announcement of this miracle cure for obesity, people from all over the world has sought more information on this product. The good news is that there have been a number of studies performed in recent years that have shown that raspberry ketones are very effective at helping one to lose weight. Keep in mind that these studies have been done using mice and no real human trials have been performed as of yet.

Proper diet is crucial to successfully losing unwanted weight. It is always important that you get out as much as possible to get regular exercise in order to stay healthy and fit. Remember that if you are not willing to help yourself, than there is no miracle product that can do a thing to help you lose weight.

It is important to keep in mind that while raspberry ketones will help you to lose weight; they should be consumed with a proper diet and plenty of exercises. All too often, people want a miracle product that will help them to lose weight without having to do the necessary exercises. While this product will help you, if you are not willing to do the work necessary to lose that weight, they unfortunately you will never achieve your desired goals.

If you stay focused and dedicated to losing that extra weight, then you can achieve this goal. Start off on the right foot by changing your diet. Eat healthier every single day so that the uses of the raspberry ketones are much more effective.A Great Way To Lose Unwanted weight

At the same time, start a new exercise regimen. Even if it only includes some walking every single day. Some exercise is always better than nothing. When you combine proper exercise, a healthy diet and the regular use of raspberry ketones, you will soon start noticing the changes. After only a few days, the weight loss effects associated with the use of raspberry ketones can be seen.

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The Magic Of Raspberry Ketones

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Where To Buy Raspberry Ketones For The Best Price

Over recent years, the use of raspberry ketones has grown in popularity. Soon after Dr. Oz first spoke about the use of this product on his show, countless people have started scouring the internet, asking where to buy raspberry ketones. Buy Raspberry Ketones

Let’s face it, not everyone is lucky enough to have a local health supply store that keeps these supplements in stock.

What’s worse is that not everyone has the time or energy to go out looking for them locally. Which is why so many people have turned to the internet as their source for raspberry ketones?

It is important to point out that there are only a few reputable places that sell this product. You have to keep in mind that while there are many people who want to purchase this product, there are just as many unscrupulous individuals that would like to separate you from your money.

Take your time to research accordingly to make sure that you are finding the right supplier. There are several great places online to buy raspberry ketones and have them delivered right to your front doorsteps. Finding the right supplier simply comes down to making sure that others have successfully purchased the product over the years without any problems.

Always look for information. A reputable supplier is always openly willing to share information about the product. You will hear how ketones increase the body’s production of a chemical known as norepinephrine.

This chemical is known for its ability to break down the fat reserves in the body. Those who can eat virtually anything they like without ever having to worry about gaining weight often produce more of this hormone than they need. At the same time, those who gain weight quickly never seem to produce enough.

Likewise, a reputable supplier will also share with you the downsides of the product. For example, while there have been numerous studies on the use of raspberry ketones and their ability to help one lose weight, most of these studies have been performed on mice. That is, to date there have been no actual clinical studies on humans.

At the same time, since the product has the ability to boost the metabolism, it is strongly recommended that diabetics not use raspberry ketones. When looking for a good supplier of this product, make sure that the supplier is openly honest about this fact.

What’s more is that you must realize that this is no miracle cure for obesity. You cannot simply expect to take it and lose weight instantly. You need to combine its use with a regular exercise regimen. Good exercising helps to build stronger and more defined muscle mass. The more muscle mass that your body has, the more capable it is at burning through your fat reserves.

You must never forget that eating healthy is crucial too. Your diet routine should include a drastic reduction of carbohydrates and an increase in protein.

Carbohydrates as what the body uses for fuel and when you consume too much, they excess is stored in the body as fat reserves. If you do not consume enough carbs, the body is supposed to get its energy from the breakdown of these fat reserves. The protein on the other hands is necessary for the proper development of muscles.

When you eat healthy and exercise regularly, you should be able to lose the weight that you are trying to get rid of. However, some people are genetically prone to gain weight easily. Their bodies do not produce enough of the norepinephrine needed to properly break down these fat reserves. The use of raspberry ketones is imperative to helping one increase the amount of norepinephrine that their body produces.

Make sure that that every supplier you chose to purchase from, that they make this information and a whole lot more available to you. Reputable suppliers of the product are not afraid to inform you of not just the good points and benefits of the use of raspberry ketones, but also the negative side effects associated with the product’s use.

So when it comes to that all important question of where can I buy raspberry ketones max, always remember that research is fundamental to ensuring that you pick the most reputable supplier of the product possible.

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